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        Covering Letter
        Minutes Swansea March 2018
        AGM Agenda
        Minutes AGM Wrexham 2017
        Executive Pen Portrait

        Wasacre Constitution                        Amendments
                Final Draft
                Explanatory Notes
                Current Constituition




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Welcome to WASACRE

The Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education (SACREs) of all 22 Local Authorities in Wales are members of the Wales Association of SACREs (WASACRE). The purpose of WASACRE is to provide a forum for the exchange of good practice and to represent the aims, work, and views of its member SACREs. This is achieved by:

  • member SACREs sending representation to the termly meetings of WASACRE
  • organising relevant national initiatives and projects in the areas of religious education and collective worship
  • speaking on behalf of all SACREs in Wales through engaging with relevant bodies and agencies, including the Welsh Government
  • collating relevant key SACRE documents
  • maintaining working relationships with equivalent bodies in England

On this site SACREs and the wider community can access WASACRE’s publications, projects and events, news items and useful links, as well as documents for the Association’s meetings.