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The latest WASACRE guidance on the withdrawal of pupils from collective worship can be downloaded here

So you’re joining your local SACRE: A Handbook for SACRE Members in Wales

This publication explains the role of SACREs and the contribution of the distinctive communities on the committee.

Please note: Some important legislative changes are taking place in Wales and these will have an impact on parts of the legal sections in this document. A revised document will be available in due course.


Advice for Schools in Wales on Collective Worship during the COVID-19 Pandemic (WASACRE, May 2020)
This resource includes advice about: Collective Worship in the current climate; how to facilitate acts of Collective Worship for distance learning; and suggested resources. The resource can be downloaded here

A guidance document Managing the right of Withdrawal from Religious Education has been published bilingually by WASACRE and is available in hard copy form.  A printed copy has been made available to every school in Wales. Copies have also been made available to SACRE members and each Diocesan Director of Education in Wales.The document is subject to copyright and for sale so therefore a PDF copy is not available for download or distribution.  Gill Vaisey is managing sales of the document on behalf of WASACRE and these are available via the Books at Press website or from Amazon priced £8.99.

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