WASACRE Conference 2024

The WASACRE Conference 2024 (in partnership with NAPfRE) aims to:

  • celebrate religion, values and ethics (RVE) in the Curriculum for Wales;
  • provide significant professional learning opportunities for our member SACs and their schools;
  • offer opportunities to raise and discuss issues that really matter for RVE in Wales;
  • make connections and share insights across Wales.

The WASACRE Conference 2024 includes an in-person Conference Day (Thursday, 13 June 2024), and a series of online seminars (pre-and post-Conference Day).

These are all free to our member SACs and practitioners in their local authorities.

Conference Day

Date: Thursday, 13 June 2024

Location: Wrexham

Keynote speaker:

Lynne Neagle MS, Cabinet Secretary for Education

Professor Graham Donaldson

The Rt Revd Mary Stallard

Post-conference seminar details will be available soon

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